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Ever Burning

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Fire, a hand over a heart on fire, uncontainable flames. A woman’s body held in bondage by thorny vines. The hand of a gray figure – male, ghost, domineering, controlling. Fire from her heart and her vagina. Other fires caused or “cure” of female fire. House on fire, bed on fire, killed by fire, running from fire. Around the border perennial rose – red and blacks – with a few skulls set about. The piece expresses some of the complex dialectic of fire and passion.

The hand over the fire is mine. Traced around my flattened hand I placed myself in the piece. The many levels of passion and pain have traced from my own private thoughts, reading, thinking about the history of feminism, and searching for connections. Fire connects all of these levels of realities. ...From Dorothy Sauber's journal. 1987

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